This is one of my Desires

I am putting together all of the necessary parts to start filming a
documentary based on the gothic subculture. The working title is Gothikus.
I have secured a few key items:

1. A location to film.

2. Willing participants.

3. Permission from a few local groups to use their music in this production.

Items still needed:

1. Some basic video equipment: I went to college with the owner of Dream
Line Productions. They are based out of Hamilton, Ohio. He is willing to
loan some equipment, but I wish to use that as a last resort. I would like
to find a local person with their own equipment.

2. One or two volunteers: These people will help coordinate the off site
locations, and permission waivers, checking ID's to make sure all the people
being filmed are 18 or over, and so-on.

3. Inspiration, and more good ideas: I have been talking with several
people, and the more folks I come in contact with, the more good ideas they
present me with.

Here is a brief look at what this doc will cover:

Clothing styles, attitudes, and beliefs of those who call themselves goth.
The music they listen to, the places that they work/hang-out, the people they call