October 23, 2005

The white girl named Keisha, the tampon, and The Chamber

Now, with a title like that, you know this shit is gonna be good....

Things started as they always do, ya know, me, my business, minding it and all..........

The chickies arrived, as did the hail. I explained that Cedar point would close the roller coasters as a piece of hail at 60MPH would blind someone, if not kill them. There was sadness throughout the kingdom. So on to another adventure. It was decided that a haunted house would be a good way to pass the time.

I kept telling Keisha that her name is not that of a white girls, and tried to find a name that she might wish to call herself from now on, and couldnt get her to agree to any, so I left it at calling her white girl all night. Well, the haunted house was fun (meaning they were both scared to death, even afraid of a spooky clown for heavens sake) , and then we saw that Mushroom head was there signing autographs, and went to the car on a search for paper for them to autograph. White girls first choice was her tampon, and even Mushroomhead agreed that this was the most interesting thing they had ever autographed. They all wore skeleton masks, and one guy stopped dead in his tracks, as he knew not what it was at first. I then told white girl that only she seemed to have to power to wake the dead, and everyone in the autograph tent started laughing.

So on to more fun, and the Chamber was decided as the next stop. They were both sad that big black "X's" had to be placed on there hands, as they are under 21, but there was still fun to be had.

Met an off-duty cop up there, who goes by his nordic name when not on the job, Thor. So Thor, Th0rn, a white girl named Keisha and Marsha all talked for about 10 minutes until white girls mother called on her cell. Did I mention that the woman is a born again christian, and didnt find it amusing that her daughter was at a club named "The Chamber" in the first place? hehhe Once again, there was sadness throughout the kingdom. We had to depart, and come back to my place.

Welp, we left white girl sitting in the car, and Marsha and I came back inside to say goodnight to eachother. Welp, as things always seem to have a way of happening to little old me, our goodbyes to eachother were slightly cut-short, as Jennifer, (the 19 year old pregnant vampire chickie) decided to call, and see what I was up to. But that, is a story for another time I am certain.

The girls made there way down to a friends house in Akron finally. The trip was equipped with a map printed out from maps.com but even this was of little assistance, as they managed to get lost, and took two hours for a one hour journey.

Twas quite a normal, and average night, now that I look back upon it actually, BAHAHHAHA