November 12, 2005

So, there I was, minding my own business....


Seems innocent enough, doesn't it? Welp, that's how my tales always start.

The tale starts at three of the clock. I received a voicemail from Deana. Deana is a mortgage lender that is going to secure a loan for me to buy a house. Since my credit is bad, she said I should be happy to get a loan where I must put 10 to 15 percent down. Did I mention that I was at work eating a snow cone for spirit week at work, whilst wearing my mandatory spirit week t-shirt at this time? Which is a story for another time, I am certain.

I had told Deana that she had it within her to get me a zero down loan. She laughed her ass off. I also told her that since she had mentioned what a good cook she was, she was going to make me dinner, at this she laughed as well. So, then minding my business, and my snow cone, the voice mail ringeth. It seems that Deana is all bubbling about how she is putting the finishing touches on my zero down loan. I thanked her, and the reminded her about the dinner she owes me during my return phone call.

So now the clock strikes six. I had just gotten home, and said hello to Nymphetamine on IM, to which I received an auto reply that she was busy sleeping and dreaming of me, coupled with a kissy face. Said heya to Angelic Stranger, who was mad at me for telling her of my dream in which she is with child again, as she already has six. Then, the phonecall came which kicks the night off as it were.

'Twas the Vampress with Child. She had requested I escort her to a concert, her treat, so that I could fend off the ravenous crowds of moshers that would surely be moshing in massive pits at the concert H.I.M., and keep her safe. I agreed. Now mind you, with a name like His Infernal Service, I was prepared for the worse. But, unbeknownst to me, H.I.M. is little more that a goth version of Rick Springfield. As the 13 y.o. girls heart swept by the "powerful" lyrics sang along, I realized that I enjoyed the intermission music better than the concert, But, The Vampress had a blast. Twas the purpose of the journey in the first place, me thinks.

Interesting band, Skindread, with a colored singer played first. Sounded like Jamacian Death Metal to me, but oh well.

And for me, as always, there was still fun to be had. As I have a Jewish Lawyer, who I repair computers for, who married a Ukranian science middle school teacher, who teaches in Parma. Turns out that one of the 13 y.o. girls whose mother I was talking to, goes to that school, and knows the teacher, Small world me thinks. Told momma bear to start up a myspace profile, and look up Th0rn. There was joy through out the kingdom.

So now, its approaching the bewitching hour. Myself and the Vampress drive past a Unitarian* church, and I am reminded, once again, of the Forgotten Maiden. Whom last called me about 10 months ago, on my birthday. I informed The Vampress, that "her scent was upon the air", as the Forgotten Maiden and I had past that same church in my car sometime ago. The bond between us is still so strong after 7 years, that within 1/2 hour of me passing that church, there was a message from her on my home answering machine, saying hello, and leaving me her current number. The cosmic strings seem to be entwined deeply tweenst us, me thinks.

So, I decide to call Nymphetamine, and let her laugh at me for my night thus far, and invite her to The Chamber. She said ok, then fell back asleep, waking back up well after closing.

So onto The Chamber we sped, with a stop at White Castle first, where there were a dozen gypsies, that were just at the H.I.M. concert. At The Chamber, the Norsemen were seated. I informed Thor, that it was I who had left the message on his answering machine, and there was laughter, and clarity, as the only part of the static ridden message that had reached him, were the words "from The Chamber". Said my greetings to Odin, and pursued the normal drama of the night in the basement of The Chamber. I was invited by Thor to join Mondays training, at to which a hot little chickie with long hair down to her ass, remarked she would be showing up as well. I then remarked that my shame would have no end, as it seems that now women are going to be showing up to whoop my ass. There was laughter through-out the kingdom.

Took The Vampress home. The Clock now struck three. Then came home, and said hello to The Defiant one on IM. Listened to the Forgotten Maidens message on my answering machine. Went to sleep, to be awoken at 6 am by My Dark Angel, The Youngling of innocence and wisdom, leaving me a message saying how she missed me, and was thinking about me. I shall be returning her call soon, I am certain.

Re-awoke, at 11AM, to hear the screams of the Lawn Bunny on IM, as to how she will be killing the man of mail, for not bringing her books to her, by that time. Spoke with Hillary, and told her to call me, but first read a few selected poems of mine, as to help her through her healing, from the night before. Angelic Stranger said hello, as did Nymphetamine, told them all to read this damn bulletin, as they would surely all make a cameo in it.

'Twas quite a normal, and average night, me thinks, BAHAHHHHAHHHAHH


1. An adherent of Unitarian Universalism.
2. A monotheist who is not a Christian.
3. A Christian who is not a Trinitarian.

Well now, this definintion makes it clear as mud, doesn't it?