I.R. Th0rnski

December 23rd, 2006

Deciding it was not enough to be a locally known, dashingly dangerous scallywag, get about and scoundrel, Th0rn decided to hit the big stage and go international.

To Risk affectionados Irkutsk, Kamchatka, Siberia and the Ukraine will sound all to
familiar. Welp, believe it or not, there are actually people living there. To the amazement of Th0rn, raising a brow over his one good eye, about half of them are female! I'll bet Boris and Igor didn't want this little secret to get out. Think of the possibilities. Darn that Russian Federation and its
strategically-placed-post-communist-mail-order-bride-dating-website. Good thing Th0rn don't
speak Russian, good thing Th0rn won't pay to join one of those sites.

So there he was on a free dotcomski , seeing if this Imperialist had enough stuffin' left for the puffin'. Olga, Lana, Tatiana and Katrina were oh so inviting. More to follow on this I am certain.

Now, a word from our sponsors:

Little Billy is sad. Little Billy is sad because he has so many questions about the Gothic
lifestyle, but knows not where to turn. Not to fear little Billy, cuz Unkey Th0rn is here
with a fresh copy of Gothikus hot of the presses. Just go to gothikus.com, and order your
copy today! See how little Billy smiles now. Now if he only knew who his father was.

And now in other news:

The woman and her man came by Th0rn's tiny abode to retrieve her free pc, a Yule gift
courtesy of Th0rn. Of course, a gracious reward was bestowed upon your humble narrator, in
the form of one simple word, left as a comment on the space of my. That word, you may ask,
was penis. It says oh so much, being the gift that keeps on giving, and leaves so many
questions unanswered, but unanswered they shall remain, I am certain.

The Damned Queen IM'ed her customary eight words per week, to your dashing storyteller. Under some sort of union contract, me thinks.

Sunsetter says she needs to crap, or remove her booty from the crapper. Th0rn will be a visitin' on Woden's Day, to see what this is all about.

Being now in possession of a gub-ment job, and duly earned semi-retirement (Damn I'd better
pass this background check), there are a few extra dollars to kick around. So Th0rn is once
again joining the mobily chattable population, in accordance with the prophecy. Revol seems
to have a rather tasty deal in chatting devices. But that is a story for another time, I am certain.