A kinder, gentler Th0rn

December 27th, 2006

Many tales have been spun by your worshipped and dashing narrator, perhaps it is time for a change. Perhaps a new namesake shall be taken on the space of my. Something a little less forceful.

So there I was, minding my own business, and a shimmering light came across me. Peering up with my one good eye, the thought had been completed. Perhaps 'twas time for a something new and improved. Perhaps Th0rn, shall be lain to rest, and a new, less assuming, less infamous name shall take it's place. Something more common, less glorious. Something to attract the maidens, yet still retain thine stoic presence. Remain true onto thyself, me thinks. Class with a capital K.

Welp, I see that "Dick Dangler" was quickly taken up. "I taught yur gurl that trick u like", is in popular use. "Unaboner" has certainly established large mass of fans. What shall be left for poor, lowly, humble Th0rn.

So there I was, with my new nick, Inspector Kitty. Neither too brash, nor bold, me thinks. Off in search of adventures anew on this space of my. The multiverse was now at me fingertips. The maidens would swoon for certain and untold fortunes would lay in wait. Posting my favorite Yule comment accompanied with a picture from Cousin Eddie, "Merry Christmas, Shitter was full." was the crowning achievement. Destiny was upon the horizon, and with an Eternal's patient wait, your seductive storyteller was certain that all was about to change.

A lone emo kid was heard coughing in the distance, and a sad realization occurred, probably none other than myself had noticed the change. Remember Billy, its down the lane, not across the street, Th0rn snickered unto himself. The nick being now changed back, and no apparent damage done. Did make contact with a new maiden, Rough Kitty. But that is a story for another time, I am certain.