A tale of two titties

Febuary 20th, 2007

All things begin in a humble, unassuming state.....well at least most things that is....

'Twas on cold winters night that I found myself perusing the space of my and deciding as to whom your dashing, now internationally known storyteller shall find worthy of bestowing a comment upon. Never quite forgetting the near birthday comment from the darkling Nymphetamine herself, with an endearing picture of Eric Estrada with his shirt off none the less, and a caption reading,” You’re a fag". Putting the kinder, gentler Th0rn on the back shelf for only a slight moment, as humor was about to take place. The comment left was like none I had ever dared leave before. A beautiful flower with petals and ivy, a little birdie in the corner, and gentle cursive writing that eloquently read, "Sorry about stretching out your pussy." The thunderous laughter achieved by such a bouquet of words must have reached the heavens themselves, me thought. Not to be outdone by this, the maiden of nevermore found a phallic x-ray with a broken chicken bone inside with accompanying words reading "Sorry bout breaking your dick", How fitting that I and this maiden of the abyss met on Sweetest Day, me thinks. More to follow on the Sunsetter chronicles, I am certain.

And now a word from our sponsors:

Little Bobby, little Billie's friend is struggling to bring out his inner emo. He has purchased a rather snappy hat and set of goggles from Hot Topic to adorn his empty crown, and even shaves his eyebrows and paints his nails black to allow his inner goth to come simmering out. Little Bobby even started up the now failed Gothic Awareness Week, at his school. Yet his inner baby bat still refuses to shine, and allow him to be all he can be. Little Bobby has not lost all hope though, because he stumbled across a rather well done website filled with all sorts of Gothic goodies including pictures, links, tales and poetry noir. And hark, there is even a movie for sale. What website did little Bobby come across you ask? Why Gothikus.com of course! Little Bobby scraped the rest of his confirmation money together and purchased a copy of the movie Gothikus. With all the insightful wit and wisdom contained in those thirty minutes, Little Bobby can rest assured that he, at long last, "represents". Let the good times roll Little Bobby, let the good times roll.

And now back to our story.

The hot little goth chickie formerly known as "The Woman" on the space of my, was seen kanoodling in The Chamber sporting her cell phone. Placing this item near a place that the sun does not shine, then asking those around her to send her text messages that she may feel the "good vibrations". Your dashing narrator decided to partake in the fun of the moment. Not the phone in me knickers part mind you, the sending her a text part. There was fun to be had for one and all for certain, as after every message was received, the phone had to be retrieved of course to view the message that was sent.

The setter of sun came over on a brisk January night to exchange pleasantries, damn that girl gives good...errm backrub, hehe. And with all the makings of a Scoobie Doo episode, there is the tale of Sunsetter versus the hacking ghost of troubled manor. It seems that this will be a story for another time, as many electrons have been used on this pass through cyberspace.

Be well