December 2, 2006

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wiener

As most of my tales start, I innocently float though life,
minding my own business.....

Realizing it was not only enough to journey through life as dashing as the devil himself, I decided to venture upon the ancient path of martial arts. After a year in the craft, and achieving the belt of orange, I am now just as dangerous as I am dashing, or as White Spirit has phrased me, "Dashingly Dangerous." That's a keeper, me thinks:)

Sensei had noticed that when I came into the dojo that day, I was not the same manimal as he has phrased me in times before. Although I was ready to get pummeled, and give my traditional amount of blood and sweat as always, I moved slower than in days before. So I felt compelled to explain that upon my maiden quest, I had come across a particular young lady that enjoyed the subtleties of man, and quite frequently so from your dearest narrator. He then went on to announce in his wise old sage wisdom that "Dude, if ya do "it" with her three times in one day, your bound to pull something!" A lone crow was heard cawing in the distance, and there was clarity and delight through out the dojo.

Upon my completely innocent journey on the day of Saturn, I came across Nymphetamine. It appears her machine was not functioning as well as could be, so I was off to the rescue the damsel, and get her electrons spinning properly again. This encounter is a story for another time, I am certain.

'Twas now Saturn's eve, so as any proper Chambernaut would do, I was Chamber bound. The woman, as she has properly named herself, was seen hurriedly dressing in the clothing swap, that she may enjoy her night in newly acquired garments. The Damned Queen was radiant as always, receiving quite an erotic belly dance from the hot-belly-dancing-chickie-whose-name-I-do-not-know. Even Siarra made a guest appearance that night. I was not sure it was her until she confirmed the next day, as The Chamber cloaks all who enter there quite well.

I sold a few more copies of Gothikus, as I proudly received an envelope filled with cash from Chambercat herself. In search of new maidens to scribe poetry for and people to sign my website guestbook, I now lay down my pen, to see if the day of the sun holds any adventures as well.