I. R. Th0rn

December 23rd, 2006

Welp, the Interview for the Gub-ment seemed to go OK. I was offered the position the very next day, and started the next week, which is where your dashingly dangerous narrator sits and spins this tale from at present. Hereon after referred to as semi-retirement. 'Twill be interesting to see if I pass the background check, as my past has been a most colorful and interesting one, as I am sure you my dearest readers can imagine.

The return to the dating scene has been somewhat interesting to say the least. The dating profiles have not been what I expected to see. Women with crossed eyes, nicknames like tootiredmom, and mesohorney seem to populate the most frequented sites. Perhaps if they were to shave their mustaches before posing oh so pretty for a pic, these maidens might resemble something semi attractive, one can only think. They do such alluring things nowadays, not like the times of yesteryear. Separate pictures of each of their five children, and sideways pictures of their cats. Nothing gets the blood in me knickers pumping hotter than those ever-so-frequent out of focus pictures of their dogs, or the "I love my mummy" scanned drawing that their third grader drew. Quality with a capital K me thinks.

Though it is always interesting when the pre-exes start sniffing back around. Giving out of the blue phone calls, and sending cutesey wootsey emails. 'Tis almost as if their is some sort of female collective consciousness that lets them know I am single once again. The ones that truly are interesting are not interested, 'tis the same story repeatedly told I am certain. When a girl with MS blows you off for a first date, it's time to change yer game plan. But that is a story for another time, I am certain.